emil ruder. typographische monatsblätter





typographische monatsblätter 10, 4, 8/9, 12. 1955

deseño de cubertas realizadas por emil ruder para a revista ‘typographische monatsblätter’ no ano 1955. 23×31 cm

“in 1953, TM held a competition to design a cover series, inside layout and advertising pages. 12 people took part, including the basel typography teachers emil ruder and robert büchler. the TM jury report on ruder’s entry:

‘the designer if his competition work chose the square as design motif, wich also resonates again in the page layout. this cover series is designed with sparkling fantasy; bold and new, far way from tested solutions, in a darling refreshing attemp. […] a really new solution which could have an interesting change from the arrangement up to now’

five covers by emil ruder were applied to break the monotony of the winning entry of robert büchler”

extracto da revista-libro ‘ruder typography ruder philosophy’. idea magazine 333. vol. 57. marzo 2009. xapon. issn 0019-1299  +

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  1. marco said, on 17 September 2009 at 9:18

    every single post is very very interesting, absolutely

    great work
    thank a lot from me (and from every who love graphic design too)
    and sorry for my english

    marco – reggio emilia – italy

    • desescribir said, on 18 September 2009 at 1:45

      many thanks marco!
      many more things to come…


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