helmut schmid. emil ruder. the road to basel

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0909015_the road to basel

the road to Basel. der weg nach Basel. Basel e no michi

typographic reflections by students of the typographer and teacher emil ruder

concept and design helmut schmid. Robundo. Tokio. 1997. Xapón

en 1997 helmut schmid editou e deseñou iste libro coma unha homenaxe a emil ruder. para isa fin xuntou a varios antigos alumnos do curso de postgraduado en tipografía da escola de deseño de basilea dende 1954 a 1968, do que emil ruder era director e o propio helmut schmid alumno. entre os alumnos que contan as súas impresión sobre emil ruder, acompañadas de mostras do seu traballo daquela época, figuran wolfgang weingart, fridolin müller, yves zimmermann ou o autor do libro, helmut schmid. (1)

ademais de nos seus contidos, o libro formúlase como unha homenaxe a ruder dende o seu propio deseño, facendo evidente o que taro yamamoto expón como unha das principais ensinanzas de ruder: a posibilidade de integrar orde e cualidades estéticas nunha mesma composición tipográfica, afástandose de dogmas e normas rixidas:

‘the art of typography is possible with, and is suported by, the precision, order and rationality of the typographic and printing technologies. but spontaneous and accidental elements give life to typographic works, and make them aesthetically atractive […] with the aid of spontaneous and accidental elements, the precision, order and rationality in the art of typography can most effectively contribute to our completion of real typographic works, whose pages the readers open, touch, smell, read and visually enjoy’ (2)

algúns dos textos escritos por ruder deixan claro a vixencia actual dos seus pensamentos:

‘our profession is to give form to language, to give it duration and to transfer it safely into the future’, ‘we want: good typography, developed from the intellectual, technical, and economic prerequisites’ (3)

(1) ‘helmut schmid. design is atittude’. fjodor gejko. birkhäuser verlag. basel. 2007. isbn-10:3-7643-7509-4  +

(2) ‘reading ruder’s typography’, taro yamamoto, on ‘ruder typograpy ruder philosphy’ idea magazine 333. vol. 57. marzo 2009. xapon. issn 0019-1299  +

(3) the road taken. ‘the road to basel’ book review  +

alguhas páxinas do libro ‘the road to basel’ poden verse na páxina web/arquivo que mostra os traballos de helmut schmid  (object number 526)  +

max huber. borsalino

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090916_max huber_borsalino

postal publicitaria deseñada por max huber para borsalino. 50’s

información sobre max huber  + +

+ (grazie!)

emil ruder. typographische monatsblätter





typographische monatsblätter 10, 4, 8/9, 12. 1955

deseño de cubertas realizadas por emil ruder para a revista ‘typographische monatsblätter’ no ano 1955. 23×31 cm

“in 1953, TM held a competition to design a cover series, inside layout and advertising pages. 12 people took part, including the basel typography teachers emil ruder and robert büchler. the TM jury report on ruder’s entry:

‘the designer if his competition work chose the square as design motif, wich also resonates again in the page layout. this cover series is designed with sparkling fantasy; bold and new, far way from tested solutions, in a darling refreshing attemp. […] a really new solution which could have an interesting change from the arrangement up to now’

five covers by emil ruder were applied to break the monotony of the winning entry of robert büchler”

extracto da revista-libro ‘ruder typography ruder philosophy’. idea magazine 333. vol. 57. marzo 2009. xapon. issn 0019-1299  +

volkswagen. catálogo. brochure

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catálogo volkswagen beetle. 1964. 21×15 cm. deseñador descoñecido

volkswagenwerk ag. wolfsburg

fotografisch abc boek. letras e fotos. letters and photos

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fotografisch abc boek. libro fotográfico abc

fotos de piet lied e poemas de jan knip. deseñador descoñecido

publicado por bussum f.g. 1940


cadrado, círculo, triángulo (3). square, circle, triangle (3)

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carlo vivarelli. cadrado

emil ruder. círculo

hans neuburg. triángulo

1. a nova escola. carlo vivarelli. 1953. 127×90 cm

2. gráfica de cor en grenchen. 2º trienal internacional de grabados orixinais en cor.

emil ruder. 1961. 59×41,5 cm

3. artistas suizos no helmhaus. hans neuburg. 1965. 128×90 cm


univers. experimental type compositions 1

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experimental type compositions. satzkompositionen. exercises compositions typographiques. 1. univers

handsetzerei ernst gloor. zürich. 1966

‘die univers’, by adrian frutiger. ‘die univers in der typographie’ by emil ruder.

type compositions by fridolin müller


a tipografía univers foi deseñada polo deseñador adrian frutiger e publicada pola fundición francesa deberny&peignot en 1957.

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